Use and Enhance Mental Resources



Mental Training

Mental Training

Stress Management, Visualisation, Preparing competitions, Athletes and Team Motivation, Concentration, Relaxation

Coaching at Work

Coaching at Work

Manage Stress, Projects and Time, Team-building, Motivate, Prepare for and Handle changes

School Coaching

School Coaching

Preparing for exams, Effective learning strategy, Stress and Time management




I have the opportunity to get another job in my company and I would have to manage a bigger team. I feel stressed about it. I need advice because I don't know if I'm ready for it.


We want to organize a team-building for our company.

Independant contractor

I'm an independent contractor and I find difficult to organize myself, my bills are piling, my clients do not pay and I always have trouble keeping my reminders. In addition I tend to sleep poorly and I lack of time for myself.

Career, Orientation

I want to quit my job and start to work for myself. I feel ready but I wonder if I'm really made for it. It's also stressful because I wouldn't know how announce it to my boss. I don't know how to go about it nor where to start.


The club is looking for a mental trainer for next season.


I would like to get to the next level and be more efficient in my matches.


We have a player with good potential but struggling to be combative and regular. Lately, he tends to get angry on the field.


I coach a team and I would like to have tips for team cohesion, to find the right formulas for pre-matches team talk and know what would be the most effective way communicating to players their flaws and mistake regarding the planned strategies.

Motivation, Method

I'm looking for a teacher for my son. Problem is more a lack of motivation and method than an inability really.

Graduate, Examination

I have a ton of examinations for medical school and a lot to remember. I would like to have a method.

Concentration, Exams

My son isn't able to stay focus when his studying and preparing exams.

Being Thorough

My son has trouble to work on his courses. He never goes to the bottom of things. Before, he was doing well, but now that the material is more difficult, he accumulates failures.





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